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Facilities and
Campus Services


On-campus parking is restricted at all times to permit or payment unless otherwise signed. Short-term options (by the hour or by the day) include metered, mobile-payment, and permit parking. Please comply with all posted restrictions and time limits.

Members of law enforcement, state and county agencies, and the media must stop at a booth and present their organization credentials to obtain a permit.


Parkmobile Pay-by-Cell Parking

Create a Parkmobile account (Phone Number, License Plate Number, Payment Method) using a desktop computer, the mobile app, or a phone. Payment can be made by the hour, by the day, or even for multiple days in some lots. Payment extensions are allowed in most locations. (Credit Card/PayPal Accepted. Rates: $.75-$42 plus a $.35 convenience fee) Zone Map

Pay Station and Metered Parking

Pay-by-License Plate pay stations are located throughout the campus. You do not have to display your pay station receipt; just punch in your license plate and be on your way. Customers can add their phone number to receive a reminder to extend payment when paying by credit card. (Cash/Credit Card accepted. Rates: $.75-$24) Location Map

Metered (coin) and Parkmobile parking at the Johnson Museum of Art is restricted to museum guests during their hours of operation. Guests must register their vehicle information at the reception desk upon arrival.

One-Day Permit Parking

Obtain a permit by stopping at a parking and information booth, staffed Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  • Booth #1 - 165 Hoy Road by the Parking Garage

Permits are sold in 30-minute, four-hour, and full day increments. (Major Credit Cards Accepted; No Cash Transactions. Rates $3-$10)

Time-Limited, No Permit Required

These specially-signed spaces are located in various areas on campus, allowing quick access to adjacent facilities. These spaces are strictly monitored and enforced; multiple citations will be written for time-limit violations.

Scheduled Visit Parking

If you scheduled your visit using the Visit Cornell website, please refer to your confirmation email for parking options and instructions. If you do not purchase parking in advance using the instructions in your confirmation email, you must purchase parking upon your arrival to campus using one of the options above.

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